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"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

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We get it. You're not trying to get onto the BRW Rich List. You just want to earn some money, save a bit & make it work for you so that you can enjoy life with those you love, doing things that make you smile. You may not see yourself as an investor & that’s ok. That’s why we’re here. We focus on understanding you & what you're trying to achieve. We then apply our experience & knowledge of financial strategies & rules to help you make the right decisions. 


Financial planning & investment can be a daunting prospect for many people. Our goal at Rowe Partners Financial Planning is to take the money & finances out of the too hard basket, cut through the waffle & prepare you with the information & investment tools required so you can ultimately live the life you want. 


Making good financial planning decisions at the right time in your life will be key to achieving the best return on your financial investments & ensuring you'll have more money available in the future. It requires a clear understanding of the available options. Obtaining the right advice is crucial. Once the pros & cons of each market opportunity have been assessed, we'll work with you to formulate a robust plan with strategies to suit your individual needs.

The most important step on the path to a more secure financial future is to take the first one.




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People who value legacy & long-term business sustainability value succession planning.  Our team are experienced in all aspects of business succession planning. We provide advice & assistance designed to put the right structures & processes in place to accommodate the smoothest possible transition in business leadership.


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Retirement planning shouldn't be depressing but for too many Australians it is exactly that. Talk to us today about a plan for your retirement that you can get genuinely excited about. Prioritise your retirement planning today. The sooner you obtain good financial advice, the better your long-term financial position will be & the more likely your retirement dreams will become reality.
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Protecting your capacity to generate income & the wealth assets you've worked hard to grow is a critical part of a robust financial planning strategy.  A Rowe Partners Financial Planning strategy considers the potential risks & mitigates against them through carefully selected insurances to ensure that you & those you love will not suffer significant financial harm if life were to throw you a curveball.

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Superannuation is for most Australians, our main retirement asset but despite its importance, it largely remains a mystery. Fund balances, percentage returns, fees, the overall investment strategy of the superannuation fund administrator are all details most of us choose to ignore. Let's change that for you. Our financial advice will help you better understand super, minimise costs, maximise returns, consolidate your accounts & investment to get a clearer view of your future. 
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You don't always need a lot of money to build an investment portfolio. With as little as $50,000 we can help you develop a diverse, dynamic investment portfolio that can supplement your Super which considers your current & future earnings, financial position, your goals & risk profile.
We work closely with you & your accountant to implement proven investment strategies that leverage borrowing capacity, accelerate growth, maximise returns & minimise tax. We will provide you with the financial & investment advice you need.
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Ageing should be a time where you can relax a little knowing that your hard work over the years will mean your needs will be taken care of & you can live comfortably. Let us help you & your loved ones secure the most comfortable life possible. We can help you to understand your social security pension entitlements & other benefits. We'll work with to understand all the financial resources available to you that can support your health & living arrangements. If the need arises, we'll assist you to minimise the fees involved with aged care, & liaise with you, your family & your legal representatives to ensure the right documents, authorities & systems in place needed to protect your interests & your financial assets.

More about Aged Care.

Estate Planning is a very important part of financial planning strategy. By helping to ensure your affairs are in order, your intentions are clearly laid out & your assets suitably protected, you can ensure adequate provision is made for those you care about should you pass away.
Our expert advice in Estate Planning will help you articulate your wishes & put the appropriate systems & documentation in place to giving you the peace of mind & freedom to get on with life.
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Yes. There’s a lot more to life than money. Spending time with our friends, family, in the community, travelling, enjoying our sports or hobbies & being healthy are the most important things in life. But having more money in our pockets means an increased ability to enjoy the things we love & take advantage of life’s opportunities.


Rowe Partners Financial Planning is your path to better money management. Our tailored approach to financial planning fully considers your individual circumstances & financial objectives. Our Certified Financial Planner® can help design & implement a financial plan to help you improve your overall financial position.


A Rowe Partners Financial Plan will provide a comprehensive & holistic perspective enabling you to make the most out of the money you earn, reduce your financial risk, deliver improved financial stability & achieve personal freedom. Rowe Partners Financial Planning provides comprehensive financial planning advice to beginners & seasoned investors alike. The earlier you start investing & growing your money, the better placed you’ll be to achieve your financial goals & fulfil retirement aspirations.


With so many investment options, wealth creation & insurance products available, understanding them & choosing the right options to suit your circumstances can be tricky. Your Rowe Partners Financial Planner will work closely with you throughout your money & investment journey. Our financial planner understands that by taking the time to truly understand your needs & carefully matching them with financial strategies, we can develop a plan that puts you on the path towards greater financial freedom.


Our range of financial planning & management services include:


  • Planning for retirement

  • Building an investment portfolio including negative gearing

  • Financial protection

  • Superannuation including contributions & consolidation

  • SMSF Investment strategy

  • Maximising Centrelink payments

  • Tax minimisation strategies

  • Personal cash flow management

  • Aged Care planning

  • Estate Planning including Wills, Binding Death Nominations, Power of Attorney & Advanced Care Directives

  • Personal succession planning including Trusts & gifting

  • Business succession planning

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Sub-Authorised Representative (312507) of  Rowe Partners Wealth Advisors Pty Ltd trading as
Rowe Partners Financial Planning (1262602)

Blake joined Rowe Partners in 2018 to lead the Financial Planning division.  He is a Certified Financial Planner® with over 10 years’ industry experience. 


Blake specialises in wealth accumulation, financial protection & retirement planning. He can help you determine the best path to reach your financial goals.

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Bacc, MIPA, SSA™

Sub-Authorised Representative  (1232778) of  Rowe Partners Wealth Advisors Pty Ltd trading as
Rowe Partners Financial Planning (1262602)

Patrick has been a valuable member of the Rowe Partners team since 1997 becoming a Partner in 2003. Patrick is a Member of the Institute of Public Accountants & is an accredited SMSF Association Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Specialist Advisor & Certified Xero consultant.


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CFP® DipFinPlan

Sue provides great support to our financial planning team  & to our financial planning clients.








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