Plan well, live well

"Money is not the only answer,
but it makes a difference."

- Barack Obama




The conclusion of your working life should be an exciting prospect but for many, financial planning for retirement can be a daunting process. Rowe Partners Financial Planning will reduce worry & help ensure you have sufficient money available in retirement to live comfortably through to end of life. Let’s work together to answer questions such as;


  • When can I retire?

  • How much money will I need?

  • Can I get an Age Pension?

  • How long will my money last?

  • How do I protect my funds from a market fall?

We offer a wide range of strategies that can form part of a robust & tailored plan to help improve your financial position in retirement such as;


  • Maximising the use of any tax concessions available to contribute money into superannuation.

  • Structuring wealth to maximise any potential social security benefits.

  • Building cash buffers to protect against market falls.


Succession planning is more about people than money. 


Rowe Partners Financial Planning are the ideal partners to help manage the complexities of succession planning through professional guidance & understanding. We will help guide you through the process of creating a plan to ensure that everything you’ve worked hard to create over your lifetime is protected & can continue to deliver value. We will give you the peace of mind that those you care about are provided for if you are no longer able to. 


Ask us about;


  • Personal & Estate Planning.

  • "Living" strategies to pass wealth onto the next generation such as gifting.

  • How to ensure intended beneficiaries receive your funds & not any unintended beneficiaries such as former spouses, or former spouses of children.

  • Individual Centrelink entitlements & personal tax minimisation strategies. 

  • Business succession plans to ensure the continuity of the business & to release equity to owners & family members where applicable.



Estate Planning is a necessary & practical element of a good financial plan. It can be complex therefore it is important to obtain professional advice to ensure the provisions of your Will can be distributed to loved ones & other beneficiaries as soon as possible after your passing. Reducing the potential for misunderstanding between parties is an important consideration & a key part of "getting your affairs in order." Thorough planning in advance can help to reduce time-wasting administration of Wills through probate & provide clarity for beneficiaries about your intentions.


Rowe Partners Financial Planning can assist you to;


  • ensure valid Binding Death Nominations are recorded on your Superfund.

  • determine & optimise which assets are passed onto beneficiaries via your Will or other direct methods.

  • consider the use of Trusts to protect vulnerable beneficiaries.

  • help you to delegate power over your affairs should you become unable to make financial or medical decisions for yourself. 

  • alert you to potential risks to your current financial situation (e.g children calling on the "Bank of Mum & Dad," or a person making an unwanted claim on your Estate.


Considering a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)?


Rowe Partners Financial Planning are experts in SMSF. We understand the complexities, opportunities & advantages but we also know that SMSF is not for everyone. Let us help you determine if it’s right for you.


Our careful process of assessment & qualification will ensure you don’t get in too deep, too quickly. We’ll help you understand the “self-managed” part of SMSF & clearly establish whether a SMSF has the capacity to deliver the returns you’re looking for to retire comfortably. Then we’ll get to it & create a properly structured, fully compliant fund, support you & show you how to ensure you meet your ongoing obligations.


Rowe Partners Financial Planning can help you;


  • Develop a robust & legally compliant SMSF investment strategy.

  • Document a diversified investment strategy that meets legal requirements.

  • Keep track of how your investments are tracking in line with your investment strategy & keep you on track by notifying you when you steer off course.

  • Consider & adequately provide for the legally required insurance needs of all SMSF members.


An often-overlooked aspect of sound financial planning is the protection of income sources & ensuring a capacity to carry on financially in the event of a traumatic life experience.


Serious injury, illness or a death in the family can create significant financial hardship at a time when the focus really needs to be on loved ones. Consider the potential impact that such an event could have on you or your family. We can help you to understand the potential financial shortfall & put a protection plan in place that you & your loved ones can rely on should life throw you a curve-ball.


Rowe Partners Financial Planning will build a protection plan that incorporates;


  • assessment of potential financial impacts resulting from injury or illness resulting in loss of income and/or significant medical expenses.

  • discussion of the options to address potential financial shortfalls such as emergency funds, saving, asset liquidation & insurance.

  • identification of any benefits you may be entitled to through your Superfund, your employer or any existing insurance policies.

  • the minimisation of out of pocket costs for insurance protection via tax-deductible solutions & funding via Superfunds.




Setting money aside over the course of your working life & investing through superannuation is a great way to help ensure your financial needs will be met in retirement but it’s not a set & forget solution.


For many Australians, the knowledge that their employers contribute superannuation payments into a super fund on their behalf lulls them into a false sense of security. They think the future will be taken care of & they trust that their funds are being well managed by “experts” and that their employers have made the appropriate contributions. However, employer super contributions alone are unlikely to provide enough for a comfortable retirement income.


At Rowe Partners Financial Planning we understand what is required to help you maximise the returns on the funds you have invested in super. We can help you to;


  • consolidate super funds to save you time & money. 

  • develop long-term investment strategies.

  • ensure funds are diversified & appropriate for you in terms of risk vs returns.

  • check your account has received all the contributions it should, including employer contributions.

  • use your super wisely to help fund advice and/or service fees & personal insurances.

  • strategically make use of contribution limits to maximise tax advantages

  • prepare the Superfund so that you can access it when the time is right.


The twilight years in a person’s life are uncertain & involve increased reliance on health & support services. Access to quality, affordable aged-care at home or within a suitable facility is essential to the physical & mental well-being of the elderly. Without proper planning, this is unlikely. Aged care planning encompasses more than just Residential Aged Care Facilities.


Rowe Partners Financial Planning can support you through a process that supports the financial & lifestyle needs you may have in later years.


We can assist you to;


  • help you to understand the support services and subsidies available to allow you to remain in your home longer.

  • understand various living and/or care options (e.g retirement villages, aged care homes) & associated costs.

  • structure your financial affairs to minimise the costs of aged care & ensure you have sufficient assets available to meet these costs.


There are many ways to building an investment portfolio & the most successful portfolios tend to have some common denominators. We understand this & can help you to build a diversified portfolio that balances your return objectives with the level of risk you are willing to tolerate. Rowe Partners Financial Planning can devise a long-term plan that fully considers your individual circumstances.


We can help you to;


  • apply surplus income and/or equity towards growing an investment portfolio.

  • leverage the benefits of strategies such as negative gearing.

  • decide whether to invest in shares, property or both.

  • assist you to accelerate the growth of this portfolio via borrowing to invest further into this portfolio where possible.

  • ensure your portfolio is structured correctly to minimise the tax implications and/or maximise the tax deductibility of these strategies by working closely with your accountant.